B2B E-Commerce & E-Business
22. / 23. October 2018


B2B e-commerce is growing constantly. Much of what B2C has demonstrated and made successful has long since arrived in B2B. It is easy to predict that the need for a sustainable e-business strategy will become increasingly important in the business-to-business context. The main focus here is on integrating e-commerce meaningfully into existing sales structures and really anchoring digital transformation in the company. Our strategy summit in Berlin shows how this can be achieved


Key Topics

B2B E-Commerce strategy & Processes
B2B E-Commerce Fullfilment
Product-Information-Management (PIM)
Product data administration / Product data quality
Media- and Digital-Asset-Management
B2B-Shop-Solution (decision, implementation)
Connection with ERP & CRM Systems
Integration of E-Commerce in an Omnichannel distribution strategy
Enterprise Information Management

Target Group

Head of E-Business / E-Commerce
Head of Marketing / Digital Marketing
Head of Sales
Head of Business Development

For information about the agenda please visit our german event site


Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof

Budapester Str. 25, 10787 Berlin, Deutschland

Evening Event

Berlin TV Tower

Berliner Fernsehturm, Panoramastraße, Berlin, Deutschland

The Berlin TV Tower at Alexanderplatz stands with a height of 368 metres, making it the heighest buildingin Germany and Berlins most distinctive landmark. Every year about one million visitors from all over the world are drawn to the tower. The revolving restaurant “Sphere” lies 207 metres above the city and allows a unique view of the capital. It takes an hour for the restaurant to revolve a full 360°. The kitchen offers a range of international and local dishes. Enjoy your dinner as the city below emerses in the sunsets’ red light.


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