Matchpoint Cyber Security
21. - 22. April 2021



Overview of the Event Speaker

Dr. Bettina Thurnher CISO

Dieter Schröter Product Owner Internet-Security

Alexandros Manakos CISO | Head of Cyber Security

Carsten Meywirth Director Cybercrime

Boris Awdejew Head of Information Security, Global CISO

Friederike Scholz Lawyer, lecturer in IT law, TÜV-certified data protection officer

Oliver Wyler CISO

Dirk Fleischer CISO
Steffen Siguda CISO - CISSP Datenschutzbeauftragter - CIPP/E

Mr. Siguda is globally responsible for Information Security in the OSRAM group since the spin-off of OSRAM from Siemens Group in July 2013.
In this role, he maintains governance and leads a global organization with InfoSec contact persons at all OSRAM locations, also oversees all technical security operations of the company (firewall, virus protection, application security).
OSRAM addresses Information Security threats not only in the technical area, so great emphasis is placed on training and awareness for years. In particular, with global awareness tests significant success has been achieved that pay off in the regular defense of partially highly complex social engineering attacks.
Since OSRAM is following a “Cloud first” approach, current focus is on cloud security, zero trust concepts and document centric approaches, e.g. Digital Rights Management based protection.
For optimal integration of Information Security into the application landscape of the company Mr. Siguda also works as a Data Protection Officer of OSRAM GmbH on one hand and as security responsible on the other hand.
Before the commitment in Information Security / Privacy, after studying computer science at the TU Munich Mr. Siguda was involved in several IT topics like building an enterprise-wide network or establishing a customer Extranet based on SAP CRM.

Holger Berens Vorstandsvorsitzender

Martin Wundram Executive Board

Minas Botzoglou Director Sales DACH

Turgut Tekkececi GRC Account Executive

Darko Simic Sales Engineer
Chris Kubic Chief Information Security Officer

Chris Kubic is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Fidelis Cybersecurity. Kubic brings with him more than 30 years of experience driving Information Assurance and Cybersecurity initiatives across the United States Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), and Federal Government.

Kubic joins Fidelis after having led a distinguished career at the National Security Agency (NSA) where he held senior technical roles, including the NSA Chief Information Security Officer, Senior Security Architect for the Intelligence Community Information Environment, the Chief Architect of the IA Architecture and Systems Security Engineering Group, and Numerous Technical Director Roles. During his time as the NSA’s CISO, he provided leadership and direction to the NSA’s Secure The Enterprise initiative, which developed and deployed a comprehensive set of security hardening, monitoring, and defensive capabilities across the entirety of NSA’s networks and systems, directed the corporate security policy, guidance, and standards in key areas such as protection of “Exceptionally Controlled Information (ECI)”, and guided the off-premise hosting of NSA data within the Intelligence Community’s Top Secret “C2S” Amazon Web Services environment.

Marco Di Meo Cyber Security Team Leader

Jirko Kaeding Account Executive

Key Topics

  • Predictive Security
  • Business Resilience
  • Employee Awareness
  • Crisis Management
  • IT-Security holistically thought
  • Technical defense
  • ISMS
  • Security and AI
  • Security Thinking
  • Industrial IT Security
  • Perimeter Security
  • Security by Design
  • Cloud Security
  • Self-learning & self-defensive networks
  • Security KPIs
  • Dev(Sec)Ops


  • CIO / CISO / Head of IT Security
  • Senior IT Security Managers with Budget Responsibility


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Justus Habigsberg
Justus Habigsberg


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