IT & Information Security
4. / 5. July 2017


Key Topics

  • Cloud Security bei Carve Out
  • Social Engineering / Awareness
  • Security – Risk Assessment
  • Identity and Authorisation Management
  • Cyber War und Skill Profil
  • Security as a service
  • Anlagensicherheit
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • PLC SCADA Security
  • Computer Emergency Response Team CERT
  • IT Risk Management
  • Data Leakage / Data Loss Prevention
  • Informationswertbestimmung
  • Cloud Security
  • Identity & Access Management

Target Group

  • CSO
  • CIO / CDO
  • Leiter / Head of IT Security
  • Leiter / Head of Cyber Defense
  • Leiter Industrial Security
  • Leiter / Head of Cyber Defense
  • Leiter / Head of IT Risk Management
  • Leitende IT Security Manager mit Budgetverantwortung


BitSight transforms how companies manage third and fourth party risk, underwrite cyber insurance policies, benchmark security performance, and assess aggregate risk with objective, verifiable and actionable Security Ratings. The BitSight Security Ratings Platform gathers terabytes of data on security outcomes from sensors deployed across the globe. From our data, we see indicators of compromise, infected machines, improper configuration, poor security hygiene and potentially harmful user behaviors. BitSight’s sophisticated algorithms analyze the data for severity, frequency, duration, and confidence and then map it to a company's known networks, creating an overall rating of that organization’s security performance. These objective ratings, based on externally accessible data, give visibility into a company's security posture over time.

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