B2B E-Commerce & E-Business (digital)
16. / 17. November 2020


Overview of the speakers

Ales Drabek Chief Digital & Disruption Officer

Falk Freund Business Development Manager

Katrin Erhardt Project Management Marketing Automation IT

Sebastian Wiese Managing Director/CTO

Stefan Herold Managing Director

Dr. Simon Hassannia Head of Business Innovation

Arne Brand Leiter Digitale Unternehmensentwicklung

Lisa Kirchner Project Manager Digital Business Development

Christoph Hertz Co-Founder, CEO

Karl Zank Head of Global Online Business Development

Matthias Bösch Head of Digital Business

Michael Stenberg Head of Digital Marketing

Tom Oelsner VP Sales Excellence

Matthias Knopf Head of Digital Marketing

Martin Hepp Managing Director

Philipp Haferkamp Managing Director

Martin Groß-Albenhausen Deputy Managing Director

Bernhard Falch Head of Digital Marketing & Sales

Wiegand Binder Project Management Marketing Automation

Digital sales channels, marketplaces & business models in B2B

Online sales in B2B are growing strongly, as recent studies confirm. Nevertheless, the requirements for a successful and sustainable e-business strategy in B2B remain much more complex than in the B2C market. Many industries are characterised by uncertainty regarding future framework conditions: Given the platform economy and the dominance of large online pure players, will we change distribution channels and value chains? How can new business models, products and services be successfully implemented in such an environment? At the strategy summit you will gain insight into the strategies of more than 20 manufacturers, retailers and pioneers of B2B e-commerce. Expand your network and advance your e-business!

Key Topics

  • E-Commerce & Omnichannel distribution
  • E-Commerce in multi-level distribution models
  • Dealer integration
  • B2B marketplaces
  • Platform economy
  • E-Business Roadmap
  • Product-Information-Management (PIM)
  • B2B store solutions
  • Digital Touchpoints & Customer Journey
  • E-Commerce & IoT
  • Industry 4.0

Circle of Participants

  • Head / Managing Director Marketing
  • Head / Managing Director Sales
  • Head of E-Business
  • Head of E-Commerce
  • Head of Business Development
  • Head of B2B


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