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15. / 16. May 2018

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Evening Event

Spreespeicher Berlin

The historic Spreespeicher, located at Berliner Osthafen, not far from MTV, Universal Music, the Mercedes-Benz-Arena and the East-Side-Gallery, captivates its guests with a stunning view of the Oberbaum Bridge. The unique architecture of this heritage-protected former granary looks back at over 100 years of history, giving the building its individual face.


Titanic Chaussee Hotel

The Matching-Tool

The online matching process allows you to pinpoint exactly which people you wish to speak to. In preparation of the summit, we provide you with an overview of the current interests of the other delegates, along with the competencies of the solution partners. As such, the randomness during meetings is practically eliminated.

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Intershop is the world’s only independent provider of enterprise solutions for omni-channel commerce. More than 300 large and mid-sized companies around the world already benefit from our expertise. Companies like Hewlett-Packard, BMW, Merck, Würth, Bosch, and Deutsche Telekom, run Intershop solutions for modeling sales processes to suit any organizational structure or business model. In response to increasingly complex e-commerce requirements, Intershop now provides a variety of services that enable customers to leverage the full potential of online selling. Building on extensive industry knowledge, we develop and implement commerce solutions that are tailored to your needs and that allow you to drive the changes in your industry. In other words, Intershop is your ideal partner for every aspect of e-commerce—up to and including full management of your online business.
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